Thanks to Javier, this place seemed like a 5-star resort

With a chef and maid on-site, as well as Javier available by phone to help with just about anything we needed, it was a great experience. From boats picking us up in front of the house to search for surf spots to vans picking us up to explorer the surrounding area, we loved this little oasis. Plus, the home is found inside a really nice community with its own beach club and private beach, with Kayaks and Umbrella to use. Things to note – – The floors are really slick cement, so any older or unsteady guests should wear shoes at all times, or have assistance. – We went in July and there were a lot of mosquitoes. I’d bring a bug zapper, candles, spray, whatever. – There is no beach out front of the home, but instead, a little walkway that leads out into the water, to swim out to a boat. – Bring water shoes – All the rooms have AMAZING AC – The wifi is fast enough to stream Netflix and other services. The upload speed however is not the fastest, but decent. – We have Verizon cell service and it was fine at the house. – The home has the equivalent of 3 master bedrooms with bathrooms and two smaller rooms with two twin beds. – The chef and maid service every day was a huge plus – The pool is as magical as it looks in the pictures, we loved it! – The beach is a 5-10 min walk on the street in front of the house. It’s a nice peaceful walk, private community. You can also rent a golf cart for $50/day if you want. – They did our shopping for us every day, it was awesome!

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